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David Sabedra joins Ojai Community Bank 3.31.14

3rd Quarter 2013 Shareholders Report 9.30.13
OCB Hires Scott Gibb as Commercial Credit Analyst 11.26.13
2nd Quarter 2013 Shareholders Report 6.30.13
1st Quarter 2013 Shareholders Report

4th Quarter 2012 Shareholders Report
Today's Low Mortgage Rates Aren't for Everyone! 11.02.12
Ventura Community Bank Opens Doors 10.03.12
3rd Quarter 2012 Shareholders Report 9.30.12
2nd Quarter 2012 Shareholders Report 6.30.12
Ventura Community Bank to open 4Q 2012,
Santa Paula Community Bank Consolidates Branches
1st Quarter 2012 Shareholders Report 3.31.12
OCB Wins Chamber Community Service Spirit Award
4th Quarter 2011 Shareholders Report
Ojai Studio Artists Exhibit at Ojai Community Bank 1.18.12
Ojai Community Bank promotes three staff to AVP 1.6.12

Ojai Community Bank Names George Melton New Director
3rd Quarter 2011 Shareholders Report
Ojai Community Bank says consent order outlook positive 9.7.11
2nd Quarter 2011 Shareholders Report 6.30.11
Ojai Community Bank Reports 1st Quarter Results 4.29.11
OCB Staff Baking for a Cancer Cure 4.29.11
1st Quarter 2011 Shareholders Report 3.31.11

4th Quarter 2010 Shareholders Report 12.31.10
Ojai Community Bank Giving Thanks a Little Early 10.29.10
Ojai Community Bank and Rotary Club of Ojai Help Kids Start Saving Early at Ojai Day 10.16.10
3rd Quarter 2010 Shareholders Report 9.30.10
Ojai Community Bank and Rotary Club of Ojai Donate to Support Our Grieving Youth 9.10.10
2nd Quarter 2010 Shareholders Report 6.30.10
Ojai Community Bank Names Esther Wachtell New Director
Ojai Community Bank Shred Day 4.24.10
George Tabata Joins Ojai Community Bank 4.1.10
1st Quarter 2010 Shareholders Report 3.31.10
Ojai Community Bank Establishes Shari Skinner Scholarship Fund 2.1.10

Ojai Community Bank Names Martin Pops New Director 9.28.09

Don Tello Accepts Position at Santa Paula Community Bank 10.1.08
Ojai Community Bank to Acquire Two Santa Paula Branches 7.11.08
Ojai Community Bank Elects Donald Scanlin Chairman of the Board 5.24.08
Ojai Community Bank's Charitable Giving Program is a huge success!!! 5.2.08


What's Happening?

OCB ~ Partnering in the Community
Ojai Community Bank is genuinely involved in the communities we serve.
Our staff, directors, shareholders and customers represent just about every facet of the Ojai and Santa Paula communities.

As a TRUE community bank, we believe it is important to be involved in the community we live in and serve. We put on events at the Bank, volunteer for service around the town and support many organizations in their mission. We are making a difference with more than just our dollars. We encourage you to join us, Partnering in the Community.  

Here’s what we’ve been up to recently as well as some great events just around the corner ~

January 11 - Saturday ~ E-waste Day 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


In partnership with Ojai Valley Directory, Ojai Community Bank, Gold Coast Recycling & Transfer, and PC Pros, the Ojai Valley Green Coalition will once again hold an e-waste recycling event on Sunday, January 11, 2014, in the Ojai Community bank's parking lot, located at 402 W. Ojai Ave. Ojai, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon, rain or shine.

Now - February 7th – Ojai Artist in the Lobby – Gail Light


A California native, Gail Light has made Ojai her home for the last thirty years.
Horses and art are her passion. She divides her time between painting and being an avid student of classical riding and horsemanship.

She received a degree in Art at University of California Santa Barbara. Her work has been in juried shows at the Ojai Valley Art Museum, Santa Paula Museum of Art and annual shows of the Santa Paula Society of the Arts.

As an artist she is drawn to the world of nature, and to expressing the connection that exists between all living things experiencing life on the earth.
In addition to this, she is inspired by the physical design, architecture and beauty of all creatures, whether in excited movement or quiet contemplation.

Gail Light currently has work at the Santa Paula Museum of Art's
show 'Art About Agriculture' (December 9th through February 9th).

To see more of Gail Light's work visit her website:


Now - April 7th – Ojai Artist in the Lobby – Marilee Allen

I have been making art my entire life. I had the good fortune to enjoy art as part of the curriculum in my K-12 schooling in New Jersey. Upon graduation, I attended William Patterson University and earned a BA in Art Education. After teaching art for several years, I moved on to become a potter, plying my wares in the New York metropolitan area. After several years of self-employment, I migrated west to California. While raising my children in Ojai and Ventura, I continued to paint, craft and sew.

Read more about Marilee here.

April 19 - Saturday ~ Shred Day 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Start gathering your old documents now. Bring them to the Ojai Community Bank parking lot on Saturday, April 19th between 9 and 12:00 p.m. The items will be shredded on site while you are there. Protect your identity and help the planet as the tons of documents will all be recycled and you will help save many trees.

June 6th – Ojai Artist in the Lobby – Iris Williams

Iris Williams will be showing a collection of colorful, sometimes fanciful, oil paintings at Ojai Community Bank starting April 5th thru June 6th.

This show represents the last 4 years of Williams' body of work. The collection is mostly figurative; friends and family, always attempting to tell the viewer a story.

Iris Williams has a rich connection to the community of Ojai. Her Paternal Grandparents came to Ojai in 1922 looking for a better life. Her family has called Ojai home ever since.

From the first time she felt the finger paint squishing between her fingers she knew she wanted to be an artist. She considers oil painting her favorite medium but is also known for her mosaic work, as well as Paper Mache.

Iris graduated from Nordhoff in 1974. Art was what got her through school. She studied with Sharon Butler for many years and then went on to teach art to kids when Sharon sold her Art workshop to Janis Hansen.

She and her husband Kirk Lowry, are the owners of Ojai Creates! Art & Imagination Supplies. Also known for their Sticky Fingers Studio, where they collaborate with various art projects.

"My painting style has changed recently as I have questioned why I paint. I used to paint with the hope that someone would love my painting enough to buy it. I don't think that way any more. The idea that an artist can create what ever they can imagine is so much fun, that now I try to stretch my imagination and tell stories with my paintings. I now find myself laughing at the ideas that come to me to paint and I can't wait to see them appear on the canvas."

Now - August 8th– Ojai Artist in the Lobby – Sally Carless

Sally Carless is a photographer, educator, and writer who has called Ojai home for over twenty-five years. Her current exhibit, A Year with the Eagles, is the culmination of a project that began on her birthday in April of 2013 when she went to the lake and discovered two baby eagles! She immediately fell in love, and followed the chicks from when they were just over a week old until they left the nest and flew off to new adventures later that summer. Sally immersed herself, spending hundreds of hours observing, photographing, and filming these amazing beings. She has continued to visit the eagle parents, and is now happily watching their latest chick discover the world. Sally is very excited to share her love of the eagles with the Ojai community. (continued...)

September 20th - Saturday ~ Shred Day 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Start gathering your old documents now. Bring them to the Ojai Community Bank parking lot on Saturday, September 20th between 9 and 12:00 p.m. The items will be shredded on site while you are there. Protect your identity and help the planet as the tons of documents will all be recycled and you will help save many trees.

Now - October 17th– Ojai Artist in the Lobby – Janis Hansen and Her Students

Janis Hansen of (Janis' Art From The Heart) art school and her students will be displaying their works at the Ojai community Bank August 2014 -September 2014.

The show reflects 13 years of teaching as former owner of (Janis' Art workshop) to families of children who started at a young age of 5 and up.
Several generations of family members have participated in Janis' classes over the years.

Shelia Cluff has several pieces along with her 4 grandchildren who have been participating in classes over the 13 years as well as Cohen family who all 4 children have been students for over 4 years. Kathleen Hellwitz and her 3 granddaughters as well have all been doing art over the last 13 years. Alice Ramsay (owner of A&J Chinese food & bamboo creek spa) has been a student for last 3 years as well as her twins.) Her partner Jessica's daughter Christy has been a student for several years as well.

Janis is currently teaching at Ojai Creates Studio and welcoming new students.

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