Event Manager Alerts

Event Manager - Customized Mobile Alerts

Stay informed and in control of your accounts with Event Manager Alerts. Whenever specific account activities occur, you’ll instantly receive notifications on your desktop or mobile device. Choose which alerts you want and how you’ll receive them (either by e-mail or text). This service is FREE for all Business and Consumer Online Banking customers.

Alerts Can Be Set Up For:
  • Cleared Checks
  • Pending Debit Cards
  • Daily Balances
  • Direct Deposits
  • High Balances
  • Low Balances
  • Pending ATM Transactions
  • Incoming Wire Transfers


You can now monitor your accounts easily, no matter where you are. Alerts are included in our Business and Consumer Online Banking program at no extra cost!

  • Secure. Sensitive account information is secured by masking account numbers.
  • Convenient. Setting up an account is quick and easy.
  • Customizable. You decide which alerts you’ll receive and how you receive them.

How To Set Up An Account:
  1. Visit Our Website
  2. Log-In to Online Banking
  3. Choose Personal Banking or Corporate Cash Management
  4. Click ALERTS on the Banner
  5. Select Checking or Savings Account
  6. Click Set-Up New Alert
  7. Select E-Mail or Mobile Alerts
    •    To receive E-Mail alerts, enter your e-mail.
    •    To receive Mobile alerts, enter your cell phone number (with area code) and mobile carrier.